Tradelines, Piggybacking, CPNs, EINs & Identity Theft Fraud.

Today I want to discuss something pretty controversial. I’m probably also going to piss off a whole lot of other people who are putting information out there that is totally false. Seriously guys, some of it is gonna land you in trouble at least and jail at most. Today I’m going to discuss the three biggest scams that some people and companies, even on YouTube are talking about in terms of your credit and  are telling you guys it’s okay to do. I’m telling you folks, if you engage in these practices you are totally opening yourself up for a lawsuit and possibly jail time.


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Let me start off by saying I’m not one for the rules. I hate rules. Especially rules that are stupid, bogus or completely ineffective. We have lots and lots of laws like that in this country. Thing is guys, if we’ve got a law on the books and we don’t like it we just need to change the law; we don’t need to simply disobey it. That can cause even more problems. Besides, think about it, if I’m following it and your not, or you’re following it and then I’m not, is that really fair for everybody?

The three biggest scams I’m going to talk about today are renting trade lines which is also called piggybacking, scams that involve bogus CPN, EIN, and Social Security numbers, and simply out and out lying about having had an identity theft. In other words, crying wolf.

lets talk about crying wolf first.

Fraudulent Identity Theft Scam

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, (FCRA), if you have been a victim of identity theft then once you reported to the credit bureaus within four days all of those fraudulent accounts will be removed from your credit reports.

Now if you’ve truly been a victim of identity theft and that’s great news because you can get things removed extremely quickly and the thieves are thwarted from messing with your credit further.

The thing is the people who would cheat are always going to learn bigger and better ways to cheat so unsurprisingly there are scam artists out there who will not just help you file a false identity theft report with the credit bureaus some of them are even able to falsify police reports in order to support the fraudulent identity theft claim.

If you’re caught doing that, the authorities will not just go after the company you hired. They’re going to go after you. In fact they’re probably going to go after you primarily and the company you hired secondarily. The trip to prison for that one is around four years.