Today I’m to go over the three major steps for dealing with collection agencies and by the time were done you’ll see that from all this information that this is going to lead us to one more way that you be able to get any collection removed from your credit report whether it’s legitimate or not legitimate.

Basically this is going to break down into two overall strategies one is for phones and the other is for dealing with written correspondence from a collection agency



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Tactics for the Phone

First off lets go through tactics that we would use on the phone.

Typically a collection agency will call you up and introduce themselves as collection agency and then start to demand payment. They’re gonna want to ask you questions like what you’re Social Security number is and they will want to verify your name and they have to do that by federal law. The law states that they have to know that they are talking to the person that owes the debt not somebody else, however that’s where you’ve got a card in your favor.

Here’s what you do when the collection agency calls. You will have to say that you are in fact you, however, do not verify any number Social Security number. Think about it…You don’t know them, they may be some sort of hacker or other criminal phishing information. And you can say that to them, by the way. Just state that you are not comfortable giving out your SSN. under the terms of the fair debt collections practices act there are some very specific does and don’ts that a collection agency or creditor has got to follow when they contact you. You going to use that to your advantage.

Once they have introduce themselves as a collection agency which they are bound by federal law to do, then you can tell them that you are in fact you, and then what you need to do is get their name, the company name, the address, and perhaps even a callback number if they will give it to you. they may or may not give any of this information to you. If they don’t get upset about. Then what you need to do is tell them you do not want them calling you back and that you are requesting validation of the debt. Then simply be nice and get off the phone.

You don’t need to get into a long dissertation, you don’t need to get suckered into an argument in fact a little side note here if they use a cuss word with you that’s a violation of the FDCPA. They probably won’t most of them are trained pretty well to not do things like that.

The thing is they are trained to extract information and so I’m telling you now do your best to not give them any information. Get them off the phone as quickly as possible and tell them to mail you validation of the debt. Again this is something you’re allowed to do under federal law and they are are bound by that same law to comply.