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Allan is ALL about helping people become successful and GET FREEDOM from the rat race, GET CONTROL of their lives! Because of that, he is willing to take a small part of each day to set up meeting with his students and prospective students.

“Everybody Wins or We Don’t Play”

A FEW RULES, just so that everybody can be served properly. If you are NOT one of his students, meaning you have NOT YET purchased any of his courses, PLEASE only sign up for a 15 minute Exploratory Meeting. Allan spends a HUGE amount of time with his students, not to mention his own Real Estate Deals, so 30 minute and 60 minute meeting times are reserved for the students he coaches one on one.

NOW, THAT BEING SAID, If you REALLY have an issue that needs attention, Allan DOES do a very few one on one appointments for non students, but you have to pay for it – Fair’s fair after all. Besides, He is still and ACTIVE INVESTOR HIMSELF; and so his time is pretty valuable. The fee for those longer meeting is $125.00 per 30 minute meeting. For sake of keeping things succinct, and staying on point, there are no paid 1 hour meetings. If you are at that point call the office at 501-519-40356 and speak to his assistant. She will be HAPPY to SET YOU UP!

Of Course, If you are interested in learning Real Estate Investing at that level, well GREAT! Click HERE to enroll in one of his group or one on one Real Estate Coaching Communities.

All Meetings are done face to face on Zoom. If you do not have the app you will need to get it. Click Here for more info on Zoom.



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Please note that for some reason, our Calendar starts on Monday instead of Sunday. It is a weird glitch that we have not quite figured out yet, but are working on.