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Tax Sales

Whether we like it our not, we ALL have to pay taxes. When a property owner fails to pay their property taxes promptly they can have a lien placed on the Real Estate by the county.  In some cases the owner can even LOOSE their property. Their Loss is YOUR GAIN.

Join Your Host and Teacher, Allan Susoeff, Jr., and Learn this Niche Tactic for High Profits with Low Investment and Almost ZERO Risk. click on the Image or the button below, for More Info! 5 Hours of Video Training with downloadable Audio files of the course, Transcripts, State worksheets, County Information for EVERY COUNTY IN THE USA, and More…

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Credit Repair

Let’s face it, there’s not much you can do in this world if Your Credit is No Good. You can’t Buy a House, You can’t Finance a Car, you can’t even fill up your tank at the gas station without a Credit Card! This course contains 7 HOURS of video training and more than 120 different downloadables to help you Fix, Build, and Maintain your credit.

The FTC warns that there are scam artists all over the internet  selling Tradelines, or trying ti get you to spend your heard earned bucks to do for you what you can LEGALLY, Ethically, easily and cheaply do for yourself! Don’t Pay through the Nose for Credit Repair form a sleazy credit counselor. AskAlHow will even show you how to make your credit BULLETPROOF!

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Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

For Real Estate Investors, Homeowners, Agents and Brokers. From “Abacus” to “Zoning Permit”, and everything in between, this handy, easy-to-use dictionary, will define all you need to know in the world of real estate. The text contains more than 4300 words and concepts, defined in simple easy to understand content. Whether you are a first home buyer, an agent or broker, or a real estate investor, this book is an essential reference to clarify the oftentimes complex terms and legalese that you find in every aspect of buying, selling, owning and associating with real estate. This Book Retails for $19.97 at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. You can Also Buy it from LuLu Here. However, Get it HERE for $7.99 plus shipping and tax.

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