Don’t Be Bullied with Stall Tactics by the Credit Bureaus.

Guys, when you first start trying to fix your credit what you’re probably going to come across some stall tactics from the credit bureaus. Credit reporting agencies often times send out letters in an attempt to intimidate you into dropping your dispute. They are simply stalling, hoping you will go away. Simple fact is guys that in no way shape or form should you allow yourself to be bullied. Stand up for your rights.



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The coronavirus has changed everything. It’s changed not just in the United States, but in the whole world. The thing is, we can be scared or we can be smart. Maybe I’m crazy, but I prefer to be an optimist and try to see the good and the opportunity regardless of the situation. Many people are touting this as judgment day and the end of the world. I don’t see it that way.

By the way, I can guarantee you a credit card and will do so at the end of this post. I promise. Stick around to the end  and I’ll let you in on the surprise.

Stall tactics can be divided into two groups:

  • Suspicious requests
  • and frivolous requests.

The Suspicious Request Stall Tactic

A suspicious request is when a credit reporting agency decides the dispute your letter with the excuse that it is some sort of form letter. Let me tell something right now, if you’ve done it right, they’re all form letters. There’s some basic information that you have to have in every single letter, so all letters are therefore a form letter. This is a Stall Tactic, plain and simple.

Typically the language looks like “we have received a suspicious request in the mail regarding your personal credit report determined that it was not sent by you.” How the hell can they possibly determine that it was not sent by you? Really?

Most of the time they will not stop there either. You’ll get something like “suspicious requests are reviewed by security personnel who regularly work with law enforcement officials and regulatory agencies to identify fraudulent and deceptive correspondence etc. etc. Blah, Blah, Blah…”  Boil boy it sure sounds like you got yourself in trouble doesn’t it?

Don’t Let ’em Scare Ya

Here’s the thing I’ve noticed guys. They use a lot of words that tended to scare a lot of folks, but the truth is that they said absolutely nothing. I don’t have time to break this apart word by word but if you look at it you can tell that they’re full of bull.  Security personnel? Most security personnel are guys in uniform that haven’t quite made it to the police force yet. So they are working for a little bit more than minimum wage at some office building or your local grocery store. I’m not impressed. Certainly not scared. Definitely not backing off.

Now will say this, this letter is most often sent if you fail to include some sort of ID and proof of address. Get my course on credit repair so that you don’t make those mistakes. There are some very specific steps you need to take and if you don’t make them your dispute IS are going to be kicked out.

The Frivolous Request Stall Tactic

A frivolous request stall tactic is based on section 611 of the fair credit reporting act. it states that,  and let me quoted here,

 “a consumer reporting agency may terminate an investigation for information disputed by a customer if the agency reasonably determines that dispute by the customer is frivolous or irrelevant including by reason of a failure by the customer to provide sufficient information to investigate the disputed information.”


Well this was a little tricky. Who’s the judge of whether the information is sufficient to not? Ultimately a court of law is but I say at least in the beginning you are. Here’s the thing, the law is clear. When you ask for an investigation, that is, when you make a dispute, they’re required by law to investigate. End of story. You say something’s wrong on the report; their job is to go check it out. See this is a loophole in the law that was probably put there on purpose. It gives these guys an out.

Well you can give them an out if you want but I say tenacity wins. Remember guys, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

So look here y’all, I go over Stall Tactics in great depth in my ultimate credit repair course. Right now is the perfect time to put in disputes out there because these guys are so overworked and understaffed. Let’s face it, everybody in the United States is in the same boat. There’s just no way they can get it all done. Time is on your side.

Now in my credit repair course, I give you guys all the letters you ever get a need. 14 videos with more than seven hours of training are provided. I teach you guys everything I know about how to do this right. By the end of the Ultimate Credit Repair Course, YOU WILL KNOW how to produce results, and how to make it last. Normally the course sells for $97.

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I’ve got a 30-day guarantee. Truth is if you will do what I say to do in these videos then in 30 days you won’t be wanting your money back, you’ll be singing my praises. Why?

If you do what I tell you, in 30 days you’re gonna watch your credit score start improving by leaps and bounds.

First, The Freebie

Finally guys, I told you I would show you how to get a credit card for free. No credit checks and no worries. I have a list of perhaps 100 maybe not quite 100 various different lenders I know that provide secured credit cards. This list was compiled by feedback from my students over a long period of time. I know for a fact it works. If you hit the link here on the screen you will be taken to a page where you can get that free list.

Look folks, I’m sitting at home just like you guys are. I’m waiting in line at the grocery store just like you guys are. I’m watching the numbers go up every day in the news just like you guys are. We can be scared or we can be smart. Be smart. Recognize an opportunity when you see it. Take action and watch how fast the entire universe gets behind you and changes your life.

And Finally:

That’s it for now. Until next time this is Allan Susoeff for the AskAlHow showing you guys how to fix, repair, build, maintain, and make your credit bulletproof. And remember y’all, do fall for the BS of a CRA stalling you. Stall Tactics are NOT the end of your dispute


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