What Happens to Your Credit Card Debt in a Discharge Bankruptcy?

Allan Susoeff here. Welcome to another episode of Ask Al How. As most of you know I’ve been in the real estate business as an investor for about 30 years and I’m also licensed civil engineer as well as home builder. As a result of that career, I know and awful lot about credit and how to fix credit and how to build and maintain it. I even know how to make it so that your credit is bulletproof and it can never be affected no matter what happens in your life. There’s been some questions about Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and how it affects your credit so I thought I would Talk a bit about those scenarios.

This video is about Chapter 7. I will cover Chapter 13 in a different Video.



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Before we get started, I need to make something really clear. I am not nor am I claiming to be an attorney. What I know about credit law has to do with what I’ve learned from my attorneys, my CPA, and life experience over many years in several different businesses. You should absolutely and always consult with an attorney before doing anything even remotely related to business, finance, or anything else where you could get yourself in legal trouble.

The opinions I’m expressing here have to do with my personal knowledge and the knowledge of others that I’ve known or employed presently and in the past.

I’m an expert at repairing credit, an expert in most aspects of real estate, and a licensed civil engineer; however that does not mean that I’m qualified to be your attorney or your CPA. You need to hire and consult with a CPA and an attorney and counsel with them on any legal or financial matters.