Data Attacks are INCREASING & Getting BIGGER.

Hey there y’all.

There’s been some questions as to the what credit locks are, what credit freezes are and what the differences are between the two. In today’s post, I would like to dig into this a bit with you.

Equifax 2017. Marriott 2018. Capital One 2019.
Hacker attacks are not new.  In 1984 TRW, now called Experian was hacked. I was a couple of years at a high school. Computers were new. The Internet didn’t even exist.  Back then they blamed a high school computer hobbyist…here’s what I have to say about that.

“Um,Iif a hobbyist got you, then there is a MAJOR problem boys and girls”.


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The Main Differences

If you’ve been the victim of identity theft or some sort of data breach, then somebody may have suggested or you may have be considering putting a credit freeze or credit lock on your credit file. Now these two options are similar in that they both make it more difficult for an identity faith or really anybody to open a new account in your name but are some differences and I .wanted to go over them today.

  • It’s simpler to unlock your credit than it is to unfreeze it.
  • Freezes are regulated by federal law as well as many state laws and
  • While credit lock services are sometimes free federal law requires it credit freezes are always free.