We All Know that Knowledge is Power

And the more one knows about any subject the less scary and intimidating it is. Credit and Credit Repair is no exception. Credit Reporting Agencies like Experian, TransUnion and Equifax COUNT ON THIS. So do the Creditors. They survive on your fear and inability to act.

Credit Repair Companies, Consultants and Organizations are no different. They live by the idea that YOU are somehow NOT ABLE to fix things yourself. That YOU are somehow incomplete and lacking. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!


Check out these FREE RESOURCES to help and empower you to fix your credit, build your credit, maintain your credit and make your credit BULLETPROOF!

Secured Credit Card Companies

Here You Can Get a List of More Than 60 Banks, Credit Unions and Other Lenders who Offer SECURED CREDIT CARDS.

These are a FANTASTIC way to rebuild damaged credit because they are GUARANTEED! Check them out Here!

Secured CD & Personal Loan Lenders

Here You Can Get a List of Over 150  Banks, Credit Unions and Other Lenders who will give you a loan secured by a CD or other account.

The best thing about Building Credit This way is that it ALWAYS WORKS! Give it a Try!

The Shopping Cart Trick

The Shopping Cart Trick has been an ICON of Credit Repair for Years, and Still Works Today! Get a List of nearly 200 Verified Retailers. to add To Your credit File

Pay Attention Though – If they ask for Your FULL SSN then it’s a No GO. Remember – We are after a Credit Card W/O a Hard Pull…

Specialty Credit Reporting Agencies

 Specialty reporting companies collect information and provide reports to other companies about you. They can even make judgements about the QUALITY of your CHARACTER

You WANTwho is collecting Information on You…

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Under Certain Circumstances, Your Student Loan Balances can be Reduced or Even Completely FORGIVEN!

Don’t Let Student Loan debt RUIN Your Life. There ARE options. This FREE 70 Page Report will Provide the resources.

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