6 Ways to INCREASE Your Credit Score 100 Points!

It’s a new year and for that matter to new decade and so it’s another opportunity for you to learn how to build, maintain, and repair your credit so you can enjoy some of the better things in life, that we BOTH know YOU deserve.

Guys in this series I’m to be going over some of the things you can do right here and right now to increase your credit score, in some cases up to 100 points. You know as well as I do if you don’t have credit in this day and age you’re pretty well dead in the water. What any of you who watch my videos know that as a real estate investor I have over the years become a credit expert simply from helping my clients go get mortgages for the homes I sold them or helping my tenants learn how to buy a house.



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Become an Authorized User

The first way to boost your credit score is really simple y’all. Go find somebody in your family, or friend who you trust and the trusts you that has perfect or near perfect credit. Ask them if they will allow you to become an authorized user.

Don’t get a credit card from them, in fact when they make you an authorized user let them keep the card that comes in your name. You’re not here to spend more money you don’t have after all, you’re here to get your credit score higher in my right?

I can pretty well guarantee you guys that if you do this one thing, you will see some sort of an increase in your credit score within the third next 30 days sometimes much is 30 point just from one credit card.