In Today’s Society, Credit is a MUST!

Let’s face it y’all, in today’s society having credit, and specifically having good credit, is really not an option. It’s a Requirement. More and more we see the concept of green money simply going away. I was recently in a restaurant in Southern California having lunch. Just kind of a bistro place and my bill wasn’t much maybe 20 bucks. I pulled a 20 and 10 out to cover the meal and the tip and the young lady who is helping me refused taking my cash. She told me I’m sorry we only take credit cards. I had heard more than once of businesses who wouldn’t take checks or wouldn’t take credit cards, but I’ve never heard of somebody that wouldn’t take cash.


But more than this, as I mentioned in today’s society a credit card is a must. In the United States were just not savers of money. At the very least we need a credit card for potential emergencies that could arise. For example if your car breaks down, if you don’t have the money in savings you’re going to have to have a credit card or some other way to pay for the repair. After all you got to get to work with you like it or not; am I right?

You also need to have credit cards in order to build credit for the larger purposes of life such as cars and homes. I mean really, how many people walk into the dealership and pay cash for car? I’m sure there’s a few but it’s probably not that many and I would think that almost nobody pays cash for a house.

Of course there’s other smaller necessities such as booking a hotel room or renting a car or simply buying anything online. In many credit cards even offer some perks such as cashback points. I certainly wouldn’t get a card specifically for that purpose when you’re trying to build or establish credit however getting a free hotel room every once in a while because you got points on your Hilton Citibank card is not a bad thing.


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