Are YOU ready to Take YOUR Real Estate Investing Career to the NEXT LEVEL?

Introducing AskAlHow’s Gold Mastermind Group

It Has Been PROVEN that Investors Who Continue Their Education Through COACHING Programs and Investor Communities Perform Better, Get Results Quicker & Make More Money Than Those Who Simply Attend Trainings.

introducing Gold Mastermind Group 2020

What YOU Get in the Gold Mastermind Group

  • Weekly Training

  • Once a week Allan gets on a zoom meeting for an hour. Part training and part examples he goes through your deals with you and shows you exactly how to get them done. In these Zoom meetings, he will actually GO OVER YOUR DEALS! You just submit the deal prior to the meeting and Allan will pick a few to work on with the whole group.
  • Platform and Knowledge Base

  • All the meetings are recorded and put on a private platform that you can access ANYTIME. This way you don’t even have to worry about taking notes while learning, You can go back, and go over the material, (AND ALL PAST MATERIAL) as much as you want, as OFTEN as you want.
  • Email Support

  • If that was not enough than the fact that you get support directly through email is a golden. Got a problem? Email Allan direct. He or one of his staff will help you work through the issue so you can close on another property.
  • Networking Community

  • You are going to become like the people you hang around with. That’s a simple fact. Why not hang out and network with the community of real estate investors who want the same things you do.

Real Estate Investing and The EDGE Method in Action

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Ben Franklin

The EDGE Method is a concept used by the Boy Scouts of America to teach the young men in that program the various skills they learn. The acronym stands stands for the following:

Explain – This is where we talk about real estate investing;what you will be doing and why it’s important. This is the Seminars in the videos.

Demonstrate – Next, Alan shows you what the skills look like when they’re done correctly. These are the examples you will find in the videos, in his YouTubes, and pretty much any of his training.

Guide – Now it’s your turn turn.  By joining one of the mastermind groups Alan will guide you through the process step-by-step with your own deals.

Enable – this is the final step, where you get to do it on their own.  The thing is even in this step Allan is right behind you and only as far away as a quick email.

It’s pretty easy to do the “Explain” and “Demonstrate” portions of this method through the various videos that are provided in the Shoestring Real Estate Series of Courses, Ultimate Tax Sales, and other courses created by AskAlHow. However, that’s only half the picture. In order to really be successful most people need a “Guide” to help them through their first few deals and “Enable” them in such a way that their success is absolutely assured.

This is the purpose of the Gold Mastermind Group

It is about your success plain and simple The question you need to ask yourself is

How Serious are you about Your Financial Freedom, Your INCOME and your TIME?

Anybody can sit in a seminar and listen to a lecture or watch a few videos. Being in a mastermind group at least a mastermind group that works at the tempo and energy of Allan’s real estate gold mastermind group is only for those who are ready and willing to take their entire lives, not just their business to the next level.



“ Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both big picture ideas and executing the small details — Allan is just that person.  Allan is a great fit for building strong relationships and ensuring successful results. ”

Dr Tom Yarema, MD

Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine

“ Anybody could benefit from Allan‘s highly professional, knowledgeable approach. I highly recommend hiring him. Let him show you the missing information you may not be aware of to propel you and your business to a whole new level! ”
Alana Tyson

Vivian Alana - Life Coaching

“The course was fantastic. Ask Al How really knows how to deliver! He went to a level with the subject matter that I was not expecting. He should be charging three times as much for this; I’m sure he could get it.”
Liz Williams

Principal Architect, LA Design Company