Welcome to another episode of AskAlHow. Today’s episode is called Never Contact the Creditor First. I really wanted to call this episode something different. I started out to call this episode know your tactics or lose your rights because that’s really what this is about. Now before I get into the episode itself, I would invite you to please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll try to get those answers for you either Here or another episode specifically dedicated to that question.



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What Political Correctness Gets Us

I’m gonna get on my soapbox here for a minute and say that we have got into an age where we have become so completely politically correct that it’s getting in the way of really getting things done.

Nowadays we live in a world of alternative facts. That’s what they call it on the news isn’t it?

When I first got out of high school in the early 80s I went into the Navy Reserve as well as working construction. Because of the job I did in the Navy, Some of my military training involved something called misinformation. That was their official term for it. It was the art of not telling the whole story, or putting a spin on the story, or something else in order to send propaganda to your opponent. A little more honest of a term than Alternative facts, but you guys get the picture right?

If you go back a few more years to the 1960’s  they called it something else. It was pretty much called exactly what it was. It wasn’t Telling a story. It wasn’t Not telling the whole truth. In short, it was just called what is was: Lying.