This post will discuss how to purchase Tax liens and Tax deeds over the counter.

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What Is OTC?

OTC white simply means over-the-counter and this occurs when a property or lien does not sell at the auction. 27 states in the United States allow deeds or liens to be purchased over-the-counter.

There are 11 lien states that allow this, another 12 deed states, and then four hybrid states those being Nevada New York Tennessee and Texas. I’m not yet talked about hybrid states and will get into that in the next module. The short answer there is hybrid states are a little bit lean and a little bit deed and can be awfully confusing which is why going to devote an entire module to it.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

So that’s a little more than half the states, right?

Here’s the good news, that’s can you give us a tremendous amount of properties and liens to sift through when you consider that there 3147 various counties Burroughs Parishes and other governing municipalities in this country not to mention many of the northeastern states who conduct auctions at a city level instead of a county level. Were not gonna run out of properties or liens. That’s for sure. Purchasing liens and deeds over-the-counter is a veritable Goldmine just waiting to be tapped.

What’s more is that there’s very little competition. In the world of real estate the average investor is a rehabber who buys properties from a realtor in hopes the God that he or she has done it below market value enough that they can squeeze a few bucks out of the property after they spent several months rehabbing it themselves or having it rehabbed. That’s a lot of work. I’m not knocking it, easily half the properties I flip our rehabs and between the third and half of those were found by one of my several realtors. That’s an awesome and very consistent way to do real estate but it’s also the most time-consuming and the most expensive. One of the reasons I like tax liens and deeds is because it’s kind of UNDERGROUND. Sure people know about it, but most people don’t know that much about it, and fewer people have the experience to really do it right. It makes for less competition. Well within that niche there’s a sub niche called over-the-counter and it’s got even less competition.

Another thing I really like about over-the-counter is that there’s no time constraints. I don’t have an auction looming on the horizon that I have to register for and pay fees for and get all my due diligence done in time in order to be able to bid against a bunch of other folks that are trying to go after the same property or lien.

Now, Here’s the bad news, if there is any real bad news; and is really totally logical, if you stop and think for just a moment. If these properties and liens did not sell at the auction, well then there’s a reason for that. And the reason is pretty much one of two things. The property has either got problems that the other investors either didn’t know how to fix or could not fix in the time frame before the auction, or, the properties just worthless.

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