The Shopping Cart Trick.

The shopping cart trick is a way to get a retailers website to give you a preapproved credit card offer during checkout process. Many of the larger big-box stores do this such as, Walmart, and QVC. Here’s how it works.

This video is part two of a three-part series about rebuilding your credit when some sort of financial disaster has befallen you. This particular video is about rebuilding it using something called the shopping cart trick. The first video was about rebuilding credit by using secured credit cards. And then the third part to this series will be all about rebuilding your credit using CDs or savings accounts as collateral for secured loans. Make sure and watch the WHOLE video because I have a special surprise at the end of this one, but you have to watch it to the end to get the surprise!


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The “TRICK” of the Shopping Cart Trick

If there’s a trick at all to the shopping cart trick is this: were going to try to avoid hard inquiries on your credit report. So If they ask you to enter your whole social security number, and not just the last 4, then it will most likely be a hard inquiry. And this is a time of course when you’re going to want to have ads thrown your way so turn your ad blocker off in your browser. With anything mentioned in this post, your mileage may vary, so it may work for some people and not for others. If you use this method and have defaulted on payments in the past, be sure to pay off your bills every month.

It’s also safe to say that you should not expect high limits. A $250-$500 card is more than enough to get you going on building credit again. Typically if you do well with the card and you spend at that Cards store they will increase the limit after about 3 to 6 months, most of the time without you even asking. Also when you use this method don’t use it more than two or three times. Finally don’t use this method more than once in any given three month period. Too many inquiries or building credit to FAST is not going to help you, it’s going to hurt you, even with the soft pull. In fact, the best way to do this is to watch this episode and then the other two parts in the series and combine all three tactics at the same time. This is not a fast build, this is a slow and steady build.