This post features Shopping Cart Trick Updated – 5/2020, A video posted on YouTube on May 19, 2020.

Allan Susoeff here. Welcome to another episode of Ask Al How. Most of you know I’ve been in the real estate business as an investor for about 30 years. I’m also a licensed civil engineer as well as a homebuilder. As a result of that career, I know an awful lot about credit, how to fix credit, and how to build and maintain it. I even know how to make it so that your credit is bulletproof! This way NOTHING will affect it; no matter what happens in your life.

Shopping Cart Trick Updated

Guys, I have two things to talk to you about today. The first is to discuss that the Shopping Cart Trick Updated as of This Month. Y’all know nothing ever stays the same and the shopping cart trick is certainly one of those things. With COVID-19 starting to slack off a bit we are going to be getting back normal.

At least it seems to be slacking off a bit. Hopefully, that looks at least a little bit like business as usual. As such, I know that you are going to want good strong repaired credit that you can use.

If you find this information useful go to Check out my Ultimate Credit Repair Course. There are seven hours of video training there. I have included 123 Downloadable resources. It will help you fix, build, and maintain your credit. As always, make sure and ask questions in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.


Before We Get Started – A Freebie

Those of you who follow my videos at all already know that I’m great about getting stuff away. I honestly feel like it will come back to me in the end so I have no problem doing business that way. Today is no exception.

If you will watch this to the end I got two free gifts for watching. I want to do is provide you with some links. I will totally make it work your while, so hear me out and see if we can get you guys on the road to better credit and more credit.

In the second half of this post, I am going to discuss the ONLY company that I recommend for credit monitoring. These guys not only do that, but they also have some other cool tools for y’all

Okay, let’s get started.

Who Should Use the Shopping Cart Trick?

Y’all know as well as I do bad things happen to good people. Sometimes you can’t avoid some of the financial disasters of life. We decided something when we released Shopping Cart Trick 2020 on youTube. it was obvious that the shopping cart trick was changing. We decided to see to it that the Shopping Cart Trick Updated or at least the LIST updated from time to time. Shopping Cart Trick Updated 2020

More Than Just Shopping Cart Trick 2020

The Shopping Cart trick is useful for people who have:

  • Declared bankruptcy in the past and is trying to recover
  • If you have defaulted on payments in the past
  • A lot of credit inquiries been declined often
  • perhaps you have made late payments in the past and had their accounts closed because of this
  • Finally,  maybe you simply don’t have a credit score at all, and you’re trying to establish one.

The caveat is this. If they ask you to enter your whole social security number do not do it. The Shopping cart trick works with the last 4 of your SSN. If the retailer asks for more then it will most likely be a hard inquiry. With anything mentioned in this post, your mileage may vary, so it may work for some people and not for others.

If you use this method and have defaulted on payments in the past, be sure to pay off your bills every month.

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