Get Debt Collectors Working FOR You & Remove Collections FAST.

First of all, there’s several credit repair companies out there that say you should never even talk to a collections company. Now you can do what you want of course but if you want things removed from your credit report then at some point you are going to have to deal with these debt collectors. The idea that you can just simply tell them to go away.. it’s well… quite frankly Wrong. First of all they are not going to go away, it’s their job to collect debts and if you have a debt with them then that’s their job. The second thing is you really only hurting your credit score by leaving a collection on your credit report when it’s not that hard to get it taken off even if the debt is legitimate. Here’s the thing folks, you need to know who’s in charge. That’s YOU. You’re the one calling the shots. See anybody who’s teaching you that you shouldn’t call the debt collectors they’ve been trained the same way as the debt collectors themselves they know how to bully, and cause drama. They know how to run a game that causes you to stress out and develop fears about anything from opening your mouth and having a phone conversation to maybe even moving forward in your life. That’s wrong. That’s not the way to do business. And that’s not what I teach.



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He Who Gets emotional About Money…Loses

In my real estate courses I teach that he who gets emotional about money loses. Every time.

When you go to buy a car what does the car salesman do, he gets you to drive the car. To get you to fall in love with the car. Because once you’ve decided in your heart that you have to have it he’s got you he can charge anything he wants, and he knows it.

If you guys have been around me for any length of time you know that I’m trying my best to get people to use critical thinking. Think logically.

The debt collectors are in the business of collecting debt. That’s how they make their money so they need to collect a debt.

You on the other hand need the collections taken off your credit report so that your score improves.

Credit repair companies are going to teach you that those two views are diametrically opposed I’m here to tell you that they’re not there is a place somewhere in the middle where everybody wins.