Top Real Estate Investor Reveals Secrets to Buying and Selling Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds


Washington Tax Sales

The No Fluff, No-BS, 6 Step Process I Use to Purchase, Control, Flip,  and Sell Tax Liens and Tax Deeds.


Money and Time are Your two MOST PRECIOUS resources. Before you WASTE THEM Needlessly,  let me show you MY SYSTEM for making MEGA BUCKS in this MISUNDERSTOOD but HIGHLY LUCRATIVE Real Estate Investing Niche; Washington Tax Sales


Let’s Take a Minute and Separate The Facts from The Myths of Tax Sales.

You Can’t Make Any Money in Tax Sales

Maybe it Used to be good, but that was a long time ago before Tax Sales became popular.

Tax Lien and Deed Sales are Risky

Sure. I have heard this tired story before…Everybody knows Somebody who got taken to the cleaners.

There are Not that Many Properties Out There

Or the only properties are bad houses in BAD neighborhoods….Or the lots are odd sized, or you cannot build on them.

You Have to Travel ALL Over to Get Them

You are going to have your profits eaten up in travel, for a junk property that will be hard to manage from out of state. Who wants THAT Hassle?

There’s NO Guarantees

and Besides… if there were and REAL deals out there somebody else surely already got to them.

Tax Lien Certificates Pay Guaranteed Fixed Rates

The Rate of Return can be 10%, 16%, 24%, even as high as 50% interest per year…Or more if the owner redeems quickly.

Tax Liens and Tax Deeds are Safe

Tax Sales have been available for over 200 years, and are one of the safest and highest yielding investment vehicles around.

$7-$10 Billion Tax Lien & Tax Deeds Sold Annually

There’s ALWAYS enough profitable Tax Liens and Tax Deeds available for you to purchase. we Will NOT run out.

Many Tax Auctions are Now Conducted ONLINE

You can safely acquire valuable Tax Liens & Tax Deeds anywhere in the USA without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

State Law Regulates the Entire Auction Process

The Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Property investment process is backed by state government, which makes for an extremely high degree of safety.

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