How to BUILD Credit when you have BAD Credit.

It seems to some folks having some problems with the shopping cart trick. It’s either not working for them or it’s simply not coming up or when they do punch in the last four of their Social Security number they’re just not getting the free credit. I have had so many questions about the shopping cart trick that I think the next few episodes are going to be devoted to what you need to do when the shopping trip trick doesn’t work for you.


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Review of the Shopping Cart Trick

I’m not going to spend much time on the shopping cart trick, in fact what I’m going to do is put a few links in the video that will send you to other videos where I go over that in great detail. However, I would like to go over the basic steps of it really quickly just to make sure you guys are doing that part right and then will look at the alternatives.

The shopping cart trick, also known as the soft pull trick, is a neat little Tactic that allows people with bad credit to potentially, get a credit card. The shopping cart trick relies on the fact that many websites will pre-approve you for a credit card during the checkout process without actually checking your score. This means you can get a card without a “hard pull”.

Y’all will remember that I discussed the differences between hard and soft pulls in another episode. AND, while there or NO guarantees, it also means you can still get a card with bad credit. If there’s a trick at all to the shopping cart trick is this: were going to try to avoid hard inquiries on your credit report. If they ask you to enter your whole social security number, and not just the last 4, then it will most likely be a hard inquiry. The hard inquiry is one of the things were going to try and avoid.

Let’s go over the steps really quick, just make sure y’all are doing it right.

First and most important you need to make sure that you opted in to Offers. Go to and be sure that you are opted in. If you’re not opted in your knocking to get any offers whatsoever.