And What YOU Can do About It.

Allan Susoeff here and welcome to another episode of AskAlHow.  As you guys know I have been a real estate investor for about 30 years as well a licensed engineer and home builder and as such, just through the career choices I made, I’ve become an expert on credit repair, building credit, and maintaining that credit. I often get questions about who exactly is allowed to look at your credit report and who is not allowed. It seems there’s some confusion in this area and so I thought I would do an episode to explain it.



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You are Protected by Federal and State Laws

First let me say that anybody involved with credit and finances generally speaking can probably look at your credit report. Obviously credit card issuers and lenders can look at it, for that matter they’re the ones reporting the information to it. The fair credit reporting act as well as state credit laws restrict exactly who can access your credit report and how it can be used.

I’m going to give a caveat here that this does not necessarily help your credit score or your credit reports, and normally that’s the sort of thing I talk about, however if someone have requested your report illegally and one of the big three has actually gone and provided it to them you might be able to sue for a violation of the FCRA. For that you’re going to have to talk to an attorney. And by the way if that happens you should also be filing reports with the consumer financial protection Bureau, as well as your Atty. Gen.’s office.