Yellow Letter Wholesaling Campaign


What is Wholesaling

Wholesaling is a term used in real estate investing that describes a situation where the investor puts a house under contract in order to buy it and then sells their position in that contract to another investor, homeowner, or other end-user. The investor never actually owns the house, but if the contract is assignable, they have an interest in the property that legally allows them to do this.

Wholesaling is perhaps the easiest way to generate income from real estate. Here are a few of the benefits of Wholesaling.

  • You don’t have to own the property.
  • You don’t have to rehab the property.
  • You don’t need a bank loan.
  • You don’t need any loan.
  • You don’t need good credit

All you need is a willingness to do some work, a bit of time to do that work, some basic negotiation skills, and a knowledge of how to research and evaluate property.

Or you could just hire somebody who already has all that.

What We Do

For students in our higher-level coaching groups, we offer a partnering program specific to  Wholesaling Real Estate. This is ONLY for our current students. If you are NOT a current student, then please contact us HERE to see how you can participate in this program.

We generate, manipulate and update the marketing lists. We write and mail the letters. We field the phone calls from potential leads. We evaluate the properties. We negotiate the deals. We put the house under contract. We assign those contracts to buyers.

When the Wholesale Deal Closes with the title company, we then split whatever is made with you as our partner, 50-50.

All you have to do is pay for the marketing and labor to produce the letters.

Why We Do This

I often get the question, “Why in the world would you do this, Allan”? After all, I could make all of the money if I would just do it myself. While the simple fact is that’s true.

The thing is, this is the easiest and cheapest way to get into real estate investing. I love real estate investing. I have loved real estate since I was a kid. The reason I do this is because it’s a way to show proof that this actually works. Doing real estate are shoestring is a reality folks. I do it every day. There’s a bunch of people out there who say they can show you how to do it. I don’t want to just show you how to do it I want to do it for you so you see that it’s actually possible. See, the thing is, I think that once you see it actually happen right in front of you, you will change your belief system at a deeper level and it will be easier for you to to become successful in this business.

And of course I make money with it. It wouldn’t be worth doing if there wasn’t a few bucks in it what it? Would you want to work for free?

How It Works

Allow me to go over the basics of how the system works. First, it’s important to know the background. We have already generated lists of what are called absentee owners. This is an owner of a property that does not live at that property address. That’s important information because it usually is either a landlord or somebody who has inherited a property. In either case, it may be somebody who’s in a position to not want the property. Remember that in my classes I teach that we are real estate problem solvers not necessarily real estate investors. So we have spent time and expense to build a list, broken down by ZIP Code, of specific counties in specific areas where we know that there are a high number of rentals. That’s our market. Typically we are buying from landlord to or burned out and selling to future landlords or investors who want in. At the time that this webpage is being written, we are working a ZIP Code in Little Rock Arkansas that is well known as a rental neighborhood. We have just under 20,000 absentee owners on that list. That’s just one of several ZIP Codes just in that city that were going to work. There are several cities within the county. There are several counties where this is viable within the state of Arkansas. There’s no reason why this cannot be done outside of Arkansas. Needless to say, we’re not going to run out of properties.

We have a very good marketing letter that we know works. It’s been tested over many years. We know that on average it takes about 250 marketing letters to generate one sale. It also costs us about $775 to send out 250 marketing letters. Each sale generates a gross profit of around $2500-$5000. That’s a pretty good return considering that each deal can be done in usually less than a month. Just in terms of cash on cash that’s about a 140% – 280% return when you consider that we are going to split 50-50. If you want to do the math to consider it in terms of an annual rate of return just multiply that by 12. That’s not exact but that’s can get you close.

So when you give us $775 to generate these letters, my staff goes to work and within a day those letters hit the mail. We tag your name in the database for the 250 owners’ names and addresses that we sent those letters to. Then when the phone starts ringing, and it will start ringing, we can track the results based on the owner’s name or address. This way we know whether the sale is yours or some other clients, or just one of the ones were doing on our own.

We negotiate based on 60 to 65% of the market value, MAX. In other words, if a property is worth $100,000 there is no way we’re putting it under contract for more than $65,000 and even then we will be subtracting for whatever repairs are necessary. Let’s say the repairs are $20,000 on this same house. We would have to get the house under contract for $45,000 OR LESS.

Don’t think that’s possible?

Guys we do it every day. If you can solve an owner’s problems, you can get the house. People want their problems solved. Sometimes that problem really is money, but that’s rare. Most of the time they’re tired of getting calls from the city because the grass is too high. Or they’re tired of the home being vandalized when he goes vacant. Or they don’t know how to make money in real estate so they’re taking a loss every month. Or what’s most common is they’re just tired of being a landlord. Who wouldn’t be? Getting called at 10 o’clock at night because somebody’s toilet has flooded is not very much fun. If you think it’s fun, then you should deftly go be a landlord!

Once we get the house under contract we then send it out to our buyer’s list and advertise it on Zillow, CraigsList, and Facebook marketplace. We have had good results from all three websites but to be honest most of the time the houses sell through our buyer’s list. Our buyers are all investors. They all by multiple properties per year. I have one buyer that has told me he could take 20 properties a month if I would bring them to him. And by the way, that list grows every day. Were not going to run out of buyers either. Our buyers get two options. They can pay the full assignment fee which is typically $5000 but can sometimes be negotiated if they wait until closing to pay it. If they wish to save money, and they’re confident of their own skill and closing ability with the title companies, then I offer them 1/2 price discount if they pay when the contract is assigned. That saves us about two weeks, puts money in our pockets immediately. The simple reason for this is a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The sooner I can return a profit to you guys the sooner you guys can reinvest and make money on your money.

Your Next Step

If this sounds like it’s for you, the idea of being in real estate investing without ever touching a house, then here’s what you do next.

Below you will see a button to purchase yellow letters. We have several options available. The most popular option is to spend $775 per month every month in a recurring fashion. While we cannot guarantee that this will produce a sale every month, the consistency of doing this every month will certainly better your chances to produce more sales. The lowest option we have is to just do 100 letters for $310, one time, just to dip your toes in the pool and get your feet a little damp. If you choose this option remember that on average it takes 250 letters to make a sale. That’s just simply a fact based on data we’ve collected for a long period of time.

Would you like to save some money?

Most people would. If you’re in the United States and have access to Zelle through your bank, we can do 100 letters for $300 and 250 letters for $750. We can discount because Zelle is free between people whereas Stripe and PayPal charges 2.9% of the total per transaction plus $0.30 per transaction. We are happy to pass on that savings to you guys to get you started

What Happens Next?

When you pick the level at which you want to play, and make your payment accordingly, you will receive an email from Susan Taylor who is in charge of accounts at AskAlHow, Easy Terms Real Estate, and Think Tank Green, LLC. There will be two Contracts for Services attached. One is for individuals, the other is for companies. Fill out the one that applies to you, sign it, and send it back to us. If there’s anything you have questions about on that contract, reply to Susan’s email and somebody will get back to you quickly. If there’s something in that contract that you totally cannot live with just reply to the email and we will immediately refund your money, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

Once you sign it, scan it and send it back to us and as soon as we have the contract for services, we will start dropping letters on your behalf. We will not have the time to contact you every day and tell you what the results are however there will be some milestones where we WILL contact you.


  • When the phone starts ringing from your list you will get an email letting you know that that has started happening.
  • Every time we put a house under contract we will send you a copy of the contract.
  • When the contract is assigned we will send you a copy of that paperwork.
  • When we get a check we will let you know by email and then send you your 50% of the profit by check. Zelle, or Paypal; whichever you prefer.

A Free Bonus

Ultimately, we would like to build a community of like-minded real estate problem solvers. As such, I would like to offer you a free bonus. You don’t have to do this, however if you would like to is 100% free. Once a month, I will be getting on zoom for about an hour and talking about real estate. I will answer questions about my courses. I will answer questions about the deals that I’m currently working on. I will talk to you guys about wholesale, retail, rehab, subject to, owner financing, lease options, Subordination and Substitution, and really anything else you want to talk about within the realm of real estate. If you’re already doing deals on your own I will even entertain talking to you about your personal deals. It just depends on how much time we have and what the theme for that particular meeting that particular month is.

When you purchase the yellow letter marketing campaign with me, even if you only do it once and walk away forever, you will be able to access this group as long as we have it going. You will get details on that in an email after you purchase.


Okay folks that’s about it. If you think this is for you then give it a whirl and let’s go make some money together; and if not that’s okay too! If you have questions that are more specific than what I’ve covered here, click on this link. It’s going to take you to the contact us page. From there you can ask any question you like and we will be happy to answer it for you.

My wish for you guys is the same as that for myself. Absolute Abundance in All Things! Personally, I do find that through freedom and control. And one cannot live without the other. Because I am in real estate investing, I have total control over my wallet, and over my time. That gives me the freedom to come and go as I please make as much money as I please and spend the time I have, which is our most precious commodity with the ones that are most important to me.

Cheers to your success, and I hope to see you in the once a month meeting or in one of our other mastermind groups!





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